What makes us different?

Great Service!

Where would you like to go? Fat Geek Computer Service BBB Business Review

Now accepting donations for our Christmas Computer Give Away!


This Christmas we will be building and donating a complete computer system to one local needy family. In October we'll open up nominations to help us choose who needs it the most. If you would like to help out please hit the button below.

NEW!!! Online remote backup

Keep your information safe with our backup server, fully automated and monitored backup solution, your data remains safe with military grade encryption only you can access!

Complete Virus/Spyware Removal

Includes all system and driver updates to get your machine running great!

Remote Online Support

Got a problem you just can’t figure out, we can remotely guide you to your solution and perform basic system maintenance or troubleshooting

Network Setup and Security

Setup a wired or wireless network that’s secure to keep out unwanted intruders and others from “sharing” your internet service

Data Backup and Recovery

System crashed? All may not be lost.  We can many times recover your valuable pictures and documents before fixing the damage, and then restore it to your repaired machine.  We also offer the option to save your data before beginning repairs, just to be safe.

Hardware Diagnosis, Repair, and Upgrades Laptops Too!

Find out exactly what’s wrong, repair that broken laptop screen, or upgrade your old system with more memory or a new hard drive

Software Installation and Configuration

New software or completely restore your operating system

New System Setup

Get advice before you buy and after we can get you setup, tested, even migrate your settings and data from your old machine.

On-site or Free Pick-up and Delivery available

All this at a price that’s up to half of what the other geeks charge!



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